The New Painted Skin (2022) Movie Mp4 Download

The New Painted Skin (2022)

The New Painted Skin (2022) Movie Download

The New Painted Skin (2022)

The human general Shou Yang pretended to surrender to the demon tribe in a big battle and waited for the right moment to kill the Demon King. The Demon King ordered to capture Shou Yang’s fiancée Qiu Sang as a hostage. However, after killing Qiu Sang by mistake, Chang Mian, the owner of the skin workshop, disguised herself as Qiu Sang through her skin painting. Shou Yang brought Chang Mian back to the Demon City, and Chang Mian became Shou Yang’s wife in place of Qiu Sang.


Name: The New Painted Skin (2022)

Subtitle: English (Subbed)

Release year: 2022

Status: Completed

Country: Chinese

Genre: Fantasy


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