Obsessed [2014] [Korean] Movie Mp4 Download

Obsessed [2014] [Korean]

Obsessed [2014] [Korean] Movie Download

Obsessed [2014] [Korean]

In 1969, Colonel Kim Jin Pyeong has returned to South Korea after fighting with valor in the Vietnam War. He is trusted by the Army Commander who is also his father-in-law and respected by nearly everyone on the military base. Nevertheless, Colonel Jin Pyeong suffers internally from his experiences in the war.


One day, Kyung Woo Jin is transferred to work for Jin Pyeong. Woo Jin is the type that will say or do anything to please his boss. Soon, Colonel Jin Pyeong meets Jong Ga Heun, the wife of his new subordinate. The couple also moved into the house across the street from Colonel Jin Pyeong and his wife.


On a fateful evening, Colonel Jin Pyeong teases a caged bird on the porch of his neighbor’s home. A stifling obsession soon begins between Colonel Jin Pyeong and the wife of his subordinate.


Name: Obsessed

Release year: 2014

Status: Completed

Country: Korean

Genre: Mature, melodrama, Romance


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