You are correct that elections should not be approached as a tribal conflict or a fight. Elections are an important part of the democratic process and provide an opportunity for citizens to choose their representatives and have a say in the governance of their country.

When elections are approached as a tribal conflict or a fight, it can lead to divisions and tensions among different groups in society. This can result in violence, discrimination, and exclusion of certain groups from the political process.

It is important for all citizens to approach elections with a sense of responsibility and respect for the democratic process. This means engaging in constructive and respectful dialogue, respecting the opinions and rights of others, and working towards a shared vision for the future of their country.

Ultimately, the goal of any election should be to ensure that every citizen has a fair and equal opportunity to participate in the democratic process and to have their voice heard. By approaching elections in a peaceful and constructive manner, we can work towards building a more inclusive and democratic society.

Kindly visit the INEC website pages for more information.

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