FOX LOVE (2022) Movie Mp4 Download

FOX LOVE (2022)

FOX LOVE (2022) Movie Download

FOX LOVE (2022)

Out there, scholar Wang Wen befriended Ya Tou, a woman from a youth house and eventually fell in love. However, Wang Wen accidentally discovers that the pimp’s real identity is a fox demon, and is lucky to have the help of Ya Tou which allowed him to escape. Afterwards, Ya Tou was taken away by the pimp and abused, and Wang Wen was grief-stricken. Years later, Wang Wen and his son Wang Zi rescued Ya Tou, defeating the pimp and reunited with the family.


Name: FOX LOVE (2022)

Subtitle: English (Subbed)

Release year: 2022

Status: Completed

Country: Chinese

Genre: Drama


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