The youth vote refers to the voting behavior and political views of people between the ages of 18 and 29. Historically, voter turnout among young people has been lower than that of older age groups, but in recent years there has been an increase in youth voter turnout and political engagement.

Some organizations and campaigns have been created specifically to mobilize and engage young people in the political process.

Yes, there are a number of efforts to encourage young people to come out and vote. This can include voter registration drives, voter education and outreach programs, and campaigns that target young people specifically.

Some organizations also work to increase youth engagement in the political process by encouraging young people to become involved in civic and community organizations, internships, and other opportunities to learn about and participate in politics. Additionally, some political campaigns also try to target youth to increase youth voter turnout.

Youth are encourage to come out and vote.

There is a popular saying that; “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow” and most people even believe that the youths determine the future of the country. 

Therefore, the Youths are enjoined to live up to this tag and be at the fore front of collecting their PVCS and also vote diligently their favorite candidates during the election.

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